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Theorose is a Ghanaian journalist, Internet governance advocate, and an avid writer. Owula kpakpo.

Image source: Wikimedia commons. Since its introduction in Ghana inthe internet has provided numerous opportunities to Ghanaians among them, the ability to create networks, share information, as well as communicate. Today, Ghana boasts of about 10 million internet users and ranks 28th out of 55 countries on the continent in terms of internet penetration. Despite ghana many advantages the internet has brought to the citizenry, it has turned to serve as a double-edged sword by posing threats and risks such as harassment to the most vulnerable groups — mostly women.

In a report published that year, Ghana gained the unsavoury distinction — along with Anglophone African neighbours Nigeria and Cameroon — as one of the top ten cybercrime generating states worldwide [1].

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The study nude revealed that this Teens lactating tits porn harassment manifested in the forms of non-consensual sharing of intimate images, Women, and hate speech. This can be in the form of flames, comments made in chat rooms, sending of offensive or cruel e-mail, or even harassing others by posting on blogs or social networking sites. Excerpt from report by Media Foundation for West Africa.

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Women's March Ghana was organized in Accra, Ghana. Wikimedia Commons. Early this year, there was an incident where a video of a school principal went viral.