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By hansjeJune 24, in General topics. I always wonder why some people here thai only dislike the stalls on sukhumvit selling dildos, Viagra and what not, but actually fear them and see it as something bad and evil for their kids. I'm a Dutch guy like most Dutchies very open minded and don't care at all. I don't have kids, but if Dildos had, I would mind my kids to see stuff like that as its normal.

Apparently many people use it, so why try to hide it? Only make kids more curious, and in the end kids will eventually find out about everything before they are 8yo. Furthermore sex is with normal thing.

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I'm not saying sex related items is good to show to kids, or that I even enjoy myself or enjoy kids seeing it. Far from it, drugs is in many places in holland as sex is in thailand not that women. Can't stand it?