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IAmA black guy living in Sweden.

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It's not as mimi rogers nude pose and easy as reddit makes it sound like. It worked for me when I lived overseas. I started wearing blazers everyday and the racism stopped cold. Although I'm white, my wife isn't and is regularly mistaken for a gypsy here in Austria.

Swedish Instagram Model Insists She’s Not Pretending to Be Black

Or was until she started dressing more swedish and speaking in a clearly American accent. Yes, don the guise of those who have status in a society and you'll fool the idiots most of the time. I'll go in to a nice clothing store in the former and people are dying black sell me shirts. Walk in wearing the latter and get ignored.

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I don't really give a shit because I dudes care enough about shopping to spend any amount of time, I'll just buy a shirt and get out of there, but as a white middle class male, it's a very interesting contrast. I am Asian and I have never experienced any racism in Stockholm or chicks any other city in Sweden so far.

Do Swedes like Black people?

To be honest I would imagine people from the middle east would with the most racism here as they got the worst reputation afaik. Well I am a super social awkward penguin so I am the wrong person to ask: P But the heavy influx of japanese shit manga etc probably made chances higher with one demographic.

Yeah I do, it's not a problem if you are just outgoing and such.