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What Brooklynites really need, now more than ever, is not more money, is not more soda, is not a sexy ride on the G shot.

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What Brooklynites really need is a TV show telling us how a group of girls in their mids are living in Brooklyn after college. The show, which premiers tonight at 10pm, follows a flock of indistinguishable young females as they attempt to navigate the art world, which appears to be a terrible thing to ever be involved in.

A Manhattan vs. Brooklyn death match? From Manhattan, we meet Liz with the art collector father and Maggie with the trust teens. These two who go to battle for an unpaid day internship in the gallery of Self Klein, a collector of Asian art who looks like a penguin and acts douchey.

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The story line is bravo The Brooklyn girls — Chantal, Claudia and Laura — come from slightly humbler beginnings. Something about skinny girl geting boned nude up on a farm or not fitting in with classmates in the midwest. Well, sort of. Maggie reveals that the party was totally un-noteworthy, except for one thing: While the more naive among us may have expected a segue into a fun, boozy air hockey game, we are instead introduced what is perhaps the bitchiest way to get drunk ever.