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Hollywood has the tendency of portraying nerdiness as an unsophisticated and unattractive feature, but ironically, for that purpose they use, more often than not, very attractive actresses.

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Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Posted on Apr 14, Amanda Seyfried portrays this character as someone who is nerdy and unattractive, with a bit of a failure because she's visibly gorgeous, thus making a plot hole in the movie and slightly overshadowing Megan Fox's character. Rachael Leigh Cook's character in Not Another Teen Movie is the perfect example of how it's smith nude sexy hard fucking girl cliche to make an attractive nerdy girl to be considered ugly until the already established and overused plot makes it turn out otherwise.

14 Geeky Characters Who Are Smoking Hot in Reality

Los Angeles. Fans loved this character in the costume of Santa's little elf for the Christmas episode. The main series of NCIS features a felice goth girl specialized in computers and forensics. Pauley Renee character is also witty, hyperactive and visually appealing, making her hot most attractive woman in the series.

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The token geeky girl character in this series brimming with egoistic people, Tina Fey's geeky character comes off as the least crazy one, but also showing her rabid feminist side as well. As usual, a show like this pokes fun at her for being nerdy and thus unattractive, but we know that's not the objective case.

30 Hot Pictures Of Renee Felice Smith From NCIS Los Angeles Will Her Fans Mad

Temperance Brennan from Bones. Emily Deschanel portrays this attractive, but quite nerdy and socially alienated character who is mostly bikini on her studies in forensic anthropology and barely pays any attention to the world around her.

Angel's Winifred Burkle.