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It also features people getting hit in the arse with bus doors. Look how unimpressed this little girl, Mary, is.

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Well, this is why. Look at that suburban Dad-chic on display.

Video Breakdown: Lamb Of God – Redneck | Louder

Mom knows they can do better for entertainment, so she hits the Party section of the Yellow Pages to call in some professionals. As it happens, birthdays are just one of the events Lamb Of God are available for. Also, they share a phone number with the Brady Bunch.

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Presents, fancy frocks, a very looking camcorder…. The pictures looked nice, and everyone was talking about it in school on Monday, about how much fun they had.

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There… there must have been a mixup. The little wooden fella has his head in his hands.

Video Breakdown: Lamb Of God – Redneck

Who could be in that imposing, foreboding-looking bus, bowling into this Desperate Housewives -esque suburb? Could it be… Rammstein? Hang on, wrong video.