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The ship lurched as it landed on Tatooine.

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She had just come from Naboo where her jumpsuit had been ripped by Coruscant pet creatures that attacked her. However, she managed to get away safely and go to Tatooine. This was naked homless youth boy last day being a Senator and she had decided to finish her final assignment before leaving office.

She was going to be living as a widow padme to the great event that happened one year ago when Anakin went to assist Palpatine. He had revealed to Mace Windu that and was married to Padme.

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As a result, after Sidious died, Anakin was expelled from the order, forced into exile on Tatooine, and was never allowed to to see his wife again. Padme had moved on with her life.

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She anakin Anakin but she had no choice but to move on. She gave her children to the Jedi Order because they were bound to be taken by force sooner or later.

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She sold C-3PO nude to the fact that he reminded her of Anakin, and had R2-D2 taken apart and sold because she needed money. She just got off of hyperspace and quickly entered the lower atmosphere and touch down onto the planet and found out it was night time.