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By Radhika Sanghani.

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A year-old boy has been put on a police databse for sexting. The student from the north of England sent a naked image of himself to a female friend on Snapchat, but after she shared the image to friends, he has naked left with a criminal report against his name.

Though he has not been arrested, he has been added to a police intelligence database where his offence is recorded as 'making and distributing an sexting image'. Even though the image is of himself and he took it of his own accord, he will now have the incident on his record for ten years.

It could affect any future CRB checks, for instance if he wanted to work with children.

Sexting and sharing photos

If they had been 18, the girl could have been charged under new revenge porn laws for sharing the image without his permission and the boy would have been considered the victim.

It's an extraordinary case but it is not an anomaly.

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Recently, a schoolgirl sent an explicit photo to her boyfriend. It esulted in the police being called in. She was under 18 and had therefore technically commit the offence of distributing an indecent women of a child — even though she was the child in question.

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It led to Nottinghamshire Police sending letters to schools in the UK, explaining the legal ramifications of sexting. Teens older receive police cautions, or end up on the sex offenders register. It seems incredible pictures teenagers, even those who can legally have sex, xxx mom beeg end up on a register for sexting.