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Death on the Nile is one of my favorite whodunnits the scenes between Maggie Smith and Bette Davis alone are worth the price of the dvd.

John Schneider - Bo Duke from Dukes Of Hazzard

Simon MacCorkindale is well cast and he is good in his part. Happy to see him included in this post.

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A stunning collection all around. Simon MacCorkindale was absolutely beautiful.

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Always was. I used to watch "Manimal" during its short run just to stare at him. It's a shame he died so young though he was gorgeous right up to the end.

John Schneider - Bo Duke from Dukes Of Hazzard

I honestly thought I was the only one!! Now we all know this professorial Clark Kent type is secretly a cinema history Superman Great line-up And thank you as well for quenching the thirst we shared at Le Cinema Dreams for some MacCorkindale beefcake!!

These photos you found are gems Nobody does it like you, Poseidon!! As always, you've made my day a little, er, fuller!!