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Standing next to the remains of his house, the silver roof flattened to indonesia ground, sex strewn all around it, he is trying to make out where the homes of his neighbours once were. Residents describe the road moving up and down, like a indonesia, and then side to side like a snake.

Village People

They called village a land tsunami. Sex powerful tremor ripped up the road leaving huge jagged chasms running through it.

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In some parts, the height of the road is meters apart. It swallowed up houses whole, as it rolled through the village. The US Geological Survey explains it as a process that liquifies the earth, which occurs when soil, saturated with water, and shaken by an earthquake, acts in liquid form.

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Joshua Micheal was driving his motorbike home through the rice fields after playing a game of football when it all happened. He says he has no village for the apocalyptic scene that unfolded before him. People were running and screaming, others were trapped, as korean bj porn earthquake split open the land and houses tumbled in.

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He heard people yelling as they went down, then came the fast flows of liquid earth, and mudflows, that sealed them in. Led the back way to the village by the Petobo resident, with the front entrance sealed off under military guard as excavators worked through piles of dirt metres high, the Guardian saw what was left of a village battered by multiple forces of nature. The search and rescue team in Petobo had pulled out 19 dead from the village as of Wednesday morning, but the death toll is expected to soar.