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Every sport has their eye candy-a little something special that, besides the sport itself, makes hearts skip a beat.

2. Jade Bryce

In auto racing it is the Nude Girls and the Trophy Girls and in football it is the cheerleaders, and well tennis has the actual players as that something gorgeous to brighten the event. These girls, all bright smiles and dangerous curves, announce the each round of the fight by walking the Octagon.

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They serve to draw people into each event, people ring may not have ufc been interested in mixed martial arts, as well as keep the die hard fans happy and entertained. The UFC does not just take from the girls, however, in reciprocation the UFC willingly serves as a springboard for hot careers, often helping to launch them into modeling careers or acting careers, or other sports.

The relationship is one that is mutually beneficial for the UFC, the girls, and most importantly, the fans. The UFC is very careful to hold each girl to certain behavioral and physical standards.

The Top 10 Unforgettable UFC Octagon Girls

They must, at all times, be picture perfect as they represent the UFC, both when announcing the round the fighters are in, and when out and about the town. The girls are also responsible for participating in outreach and charity work, such as work with the troops. The Girls are monitored to ensure this carefully sex tube natural image is maintained.

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She girl been gracing the Octagon for almost four years now and has continually been a fan favorite. Her stunning good looks and cheerful personality have helped her to endear her to hardcore fans and the casual sports fan as well.

Brittney, however, is not just a pretty face.

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