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JESUS I forgot how deeply embarrassing the sex scenes in Origins are, the fucking gentle elvhen sex serenade in the background while two dead eyed models plank on top of each other. Libra on the 1st house-Beautiful, graceful and likable but can be two faced.

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Usually has dimples and a sweet smile. Libra on the 2nd house-Likes spending money on things dealing with their appearance.

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Values beauty and kindness. Libra on the 3rd house-Beautiful voice and handwriting. Very likable among peers.

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Had a pleasant childhood and early school experience. Libra on the 4th house-Pleasant upbringing.

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Values harmony and usually grew up in a pleasant environment with luxurious objects, or beautiful objects. Libra on the 5th house-Good and charming dating partner. Has pleasant hobbies like doing art, singing, writing, cooking etc.