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United Kingdom - It is quite rare that a quest for finding beauty can produce david divided reactions. By choosing young, pre or after pubescence girls, David Hamilton has irrevocably placed his photography in a position in which it could be criticized and questioned.

David Hamilton

The artist photographed children as well, and in questionable poses, adding oil to already existing fires of young controversy. He went to Paris when he was just 20 years old, and worked ana beatriz barros nude pics for Peter Knapp of Elle.

After gaining recognition, he was offered the position of art director by Queen Magazine in London. However, Hamilton quickly realized his love for Paris was too great, so he returned there.

Jock Sturges and David Hamilton: two different ways of photographing young women

Hamilton showed the viewers something new, as he was focused on lesbianism and adolescenceamong others. He also left the studio permanently and the neutrality of seamless paper was abandoned. His photographs were soft, without question, and that softness possessed almost the same effects as the work made by Guccione around the same time.

By softening his photographs, Hamilton limited the saturation in his colored piecesand gave his artworks a sense of the past times sex, like they hamilton all memories. Everything in the images happened a long ago, and it serves not as an official record, but rather a distant memory preserved somewhere in the depths of the mind.