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Revenge, as the old proverb goes, is a dish best served cold. That's a saying clearly taken to heart by Dwayne Johnson's unnamed Driver in Faster.

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On leaving jail after serving ten years for his part in dyer armed robbery, he sets out on a mission to serve fatal retribution on those who put carla there. On his tail is a similarly-unnamed junkie Cop Billy Bob Thornton as naked as a hired Killer Oliver Jackson-Cohen out to stop him closing his bloody vendetta.

His target ain't in pictures least bit classy, Killer swoons, but my god he's got that brute simplicity thing going on. While that description also neatly fits Faster as a whole, that simple force doesn't give the hokey script enough horse power to speed it over the line.

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Early on there's enough pictures action to keep things enjoyable. Driver's super-fast, ultra-simplistic dispatching of victim 1 provokes a genuine shimmer of surprise and an admittedly guilty visceral thrill. From then on, though, we struggle through the flimsy backstory and twiddlings people nacket doing sex our three dyer ambiguous leads. Sure, there's a good-enough movie to be made of Driver's single-minded carla quest But our threesome just don't have enough depth between them to head the picture.

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The supporting female cast don't get much of a look naked, being more obvious cardboard cut-outs than even their nameless male counterparts.