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She is only 17 years old and cannot be named, but she is holding one of Australia's most popular football teams to ransom. Two nude photographs of star footballers have already gone viral; now the girl is threatening to publish more, apparently undeterred by teen court order and death threats. She says she took them in a Melbourne hotel room. The men say they were taken in Miami by a fellow "Saints" pictures, Sam Gilbert, and stolen by the girl from Gilbert's laptop.

Facebook has now shut the girl's page down. The precise nature of her connection with St Kilda footballers is unclear. Riewoldt says he has never met her. Gilbert says she and a friend visited his home earlier this year and used his laptop.

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The girl herself claims to be motivated by revenge. She says that after nude Saints player not featured in the photographs got her pregnant she complained girls get fuck anther school St Kilda but was poorly treated by both the club and its governing body, the Australian Football League AFL.

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However, the anonymous teenager austrilian she has given numerous media interviews without being identified — has not only St Kilda but other teams and the powerful AFL quaking in their boots.